• “I live in a rural area with a low socio-economic status. Many of my students have grown up around drugs, alcohol, and in single parent households. Also, factor in test anxiety/stress, many kids don’t perform their best on standardized tests as much as MAPS and SBAC.”

    – White Pine County Teacher

  • “I do not, and will never teach to the test. However, many teachers feel like they have no other choice when it is part of their evaluation.”

    – Clark County Teacher

  • “Please allow me to return to teaching in a balanced, engaging manner, which provides true opportunity for life long learning experiences.”

    – CCSD Teacher

  • “Please start treating us as the professionals that we are, and end high-stakes testing for evaluations.”

    – CCSD Teacher

Accurate and fair teacher evaluations are critical to Nevada’s school system and student success.

The current teacher evaluation system relies on student achievement data, including high stakes test scores, which means high quality teachers are being judged by criteria out of their control. For instance, it is unfair and irresponsible to judge the quality of a teacher by the test scores of a student who comes to school hungry, is habitually absent, or who can’t stay awake in class.

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